10 Things You Need To Know About Buying A Home

Planning on buying a new home? Here are a few tips to follow:

Check Thoroughly

Whether it is a new house or an old one, do a thorough check of the place. Look for damages, termites, etc. ensure everything mentioned in the sale deed is in place. If something is pending, make a note.


When you move to a new place, it is not just the house that matters. Even your neighborhood does. Spend some time walking or driving around the neighborhood at different times of the day to understand how safe it will be for you and your family


See if you have easy access to the main road and other areas. If your house is secluded, you may get the much required privacy but it is also a safety concern.


Check your documents thoroughly. There are many frauds reported. Even if you are going through an agency, check the document and get all doubts clarified.


Check the doors and windows to see if they are functioning properly and are damage free. You can even get customized doors, windows, etc, to make your home look unique, from Vancouver custom homes.


When you buy a house, there will be a change in title of ownership. Ownership can be transferred from one person or entity to multiple names or vice-versa. Whichever way you are doing it, you need to get the documents and paperwork legally checked and confirmed, to avoid issues in the future.


When you are buying an apartment, it is built on a piece of land that is common to all the apartments in that land. A certain percentage of the land will have to be given to the owner of each apartment. This is usually calculated based on the size of your apartment.


Once you buy the property, whether you move in or not, you are liable for all the taxes due. You cannot avoid paying certain taxes to the government just because you are not using the property.


A lot of paperwork will be involved. even if your seller has a legal advisor who is taking care of the paperwork, it is always advisable to have your own lawyer or get it checked by a lawyer on your end.


If you are availing a loan from your bank, there are a number of formalities to follow. Get them all sorted out and have all the papers ready to avoid last minute disappointments and delays.

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