Find out why properties with 3D visuals sell better

Have you ever been to a property launch or a property fair? If so, you would have seen a variety of models of the property being sold or the model of the apartments that are supposed to come up in that location. These models enable you to visualize what the final building will look like, thus making it easier for you to decide on your purchase.

Need For Visuals

Earlier construction companies could only tell you what they plan to build in the property. They could even give you a detailed description of the architectural design and facilities that are bound to come up in the building, but nothing more. The rest was left to your imagination. More often than not, the final building would not be exactly what was described to you. The simple reason being what is visualized in the mind can be put down in word but to execute it in the actual construction is much more complicated.

As technology improved, architects were able to give more realistic pictures of their designs and models through computer drawings. These were just two dimensional, still giving room for variations.

Then came in 3D drawings where the architect could create a miniature of his idea and show his clients and customers. This enables people to understand the design better and offer corrections and comments based on their needs.

Why Are 3D Visuals Preferred

Though 3D visuals can give you the closest replica of the actual building, these are expensive to create and consume a lot of time. As a result, many companies still give out only 2D drawings and have 3D models in their main office or give 3D drawings only after everything is finalized.

However, the companies that do invest in 3D drawings in the initial stages itself are bound to see more customers showing interest and buying the property too. This is because the customer knows what to expect and has a detailed drawing of the building he is investing in. Living in Perth, I thought finding such 3D visuals would be difficult, but I was wrong. I found Perth architectural visualization site here and it has made my business easier.

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