How to Get the Best Deal When Viewing a House: 10 Things to Check

Buying a house is a big milestone in anyone’s life and you must not take it lightly. A lot goes into ensuring that the property is problem free and suitable for your household. Here are a few things that you must check before purchasing a house:

  1. Browse online to know more about the property and the local neighborhood. Check to see that basic amenities like grocery stores, school and hospitals are close by.
  2. Ask the agent why the seller is selling and what is the property price in the area and how quickly properties get sold there.
  3. Compare the price quoted by your agent to the price of similar properties listed on property sites.
  4. Visit the house at different times of the day to find out about the lighting and how busy or deserted the neighborhood is.
  5. Check out the exterior of the house and the roof. If in doubt seek the services of roof consultants and engineers to ensure there are no leaks and the structure is strong and foundation solid.
  6. Check the wiring, the condition of the switches, lights, air-conditioning, water heaters, and other electric appliances if they are included in the house. Determine if you need to spend any on repairing any of them and if it is worth it.
  7. Make sure all the water pipes, gutters, under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom and plumbing, in general, is in order and there is nothing to mend and repair and if it is where you are aware of the problem.
  8. Check the signal strength in the house by switching on your phone. Ask the seller which network they use and what is the strength of the network in case of the poor
  9. Measure the rooms and the living area to find out if your current furniture will fit.
  10. Find out how long the property has been on the market and how many viewing the house has received.

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