Top Tips: How to Sell Your House for the Most Money

Want to get the best from your house? Your house is where most of your assets and monetary value will be tied down in this one single asset, if you need to sell it, you want to get the most money for what you have in it. We’ve created this great guide which compiles tips from all over the place into one neat document so you can sell your house for the most money today.

  • Light your house up!

Try to add as much light as you can into your house, one of the most potent factors in deciding what house someone will want to buy and what they are willing to purchase it for. Start by heading Walmart and purchasing new lights, take these lights and renovate your house with them, start by replacing all of your lights in your house that don’t work or are older than a year. This will increase ambient lighting by a decent amount and get your house in better condition for the market.

  • Price it competitively

Try this tactic, underprice your house by about 10-20 percent, try to wait for the bids to go up, after a while you may realize how much extra money you could be getting with the competitive house bids, some people will say this is a risky tactic but you should try it anyway if you have nothing to lose.

  • Conceal all the animals

You might think that having a cute cat or a cute dog around will help housing prices, but in reality, many people may be allergic to the and sub-consciously associate it with the house. Which will reduce demand and hence reduce prices.

  • Upgrade?

If you can afford the progress payments, sure then go for it, upgrades can be quite good for the value of the house and can increase it by some 10% or more.

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